Birth Stories

We want to share positive birth stories, so please sit back and relax and enjoy these wonderful birth stories.

Birth story ❤    40+6

Wednesday November 14th I woke at 6am with period cramps which I’d had on and off for about 3 weeks so I decided to sit and wait to see if it stopped like it normally had.
At 6:45am I felt a small pop and I noticed I was leaking. I thought it was wee so I went as fast as I could to the bathroom so I didn’t wet my bed. I had my first contraction as soon as I got into the bathroom. I realised it was not wee as I could not stop it (although it was a small amount) got a pad on and rang in to the Netherbrook birth unit as baby wasn’t engaged last time I’d been checked so they were worried about the cord. Got told they’d call back. Contractions every 10m at this point and not that bothersome.
Got my husband to start on the pool and started getting my kids dressed. Rang MIL to give her heads up that my eldest would be there soon so she could get a drink and ready.
The door knocked and a midwife was there, contractions were about every 5-10 m at this point. Made sure I was using my breathing and swaying with each contraction and the were still perfectly manageable. Cervix checked 5cm and baby engaged but not fully.
Had a breakfast bar and some water. The pool was taking a long time to fill. My mother took my eldest to MIL and then middle child to playgroup. The midwife called to say I was in labour and to send another midwife. My actual community midwife arrived from the Shirley team, which was awesome as she hasn’t made it to my others. She was a really calming influence as she allowed me to Labour with minimum interference whilst it felt she was in control of everything else so I could concentrate. She checked baby on the monitor and checked the water in the pool. My husband had to keep changing taps. They called to get gas and air delivered.
Having contractions every 2-4 m at this point lasting 1-1.5 minutes. Finally got in the pool. It felt hot which was weird as I’ve had summer babies in the past and it normally feels lukewarm. The thermometer said it was the right temperature though. Got on my knees which seems to be my preferred birthing position. I could feel my labour in my back at this point and I asked my husband to get a hottish flannel and put pressure on my back in the exact spot the pain was during contractions, definitely a top tip for back to back labour as for me it’s reduced the pain and I’ve had back to back with most of my labours.
When I had my contractions I used breathing (in nose 4s, out mouth 8s as if blowing out a candle which I got from a hypnobirthing book). I found it helpful to blow ripples in the pool water as it helped me focus. We stopped timing at this point as I couldn’t reach my phone. Midwife checked baby once again hb fine.
I was strangely alert and still quite relaxed at this point. But there was a thought that I couldn’t really be bothered to do it anymore and so I joked with my husband that I regretted wishing Labour would come on. Looking back this was actually my transition 😅.
I was offered gas and air and I felt like I needed a poo during my next contraction. Decided to have the gas and air and felt an overwhelming urge to push down so did. Heard the midwife say that I’m starting to feel the contractions in my bottom. Had another and pushed down and felt something so I thought I might be crowning/pooed. So I took a few deep breaths and heard my midwife tell me I needed to push the rest of the baby out. Turns out if pushed my baby out to the tummy. One more push and he was out. 9:58am. I only really made noise during the pushing as I was so relaxed I didn’t feel the need.
He was grey when he came out and I didn’t get to wait to clamp him unfortunately as they wanted to resus him. But it didn’t take long and I had him back for skin to skin quite quickly. He fed and then I delivered the placenta naturally.
Spent the rest of the day eating the snacks I’d bought and watching tv with my kids.
(The only thing I wish I had done was get round to a hypnobithing class but the breathing and relaxation made this a really calm positive birth.)