What support can I access?
Our online group and face to face birth discussion groups that take place are for women who are planning, expecting or have recently had their baby. Creating a safe space where women can talk about their concerns and worries is essential to us. Our trained facilitators are there to help support you and guide you to lessening your worries and to empower you to have conversations about your concerns with your care providers. A lot of the support we offer is underpinned by the information provided by organisations such as Birthrights and AIMS.
One to one support is similar in terms of receiving the same information as the groups but sometime women need support on a one to one. With the loss of family support in Solihull this is the charity’s main focus area for the pilot. You can expect to meet with a facilitator at least once a month to gain support and information regarding your maternity care. This support is informal.
Whatever support you access from us, you can feel confident knowing this is in confidence and we never judge women for the decisions they make.

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