Services we currently offer



We are so excited to be bringing several new workshops in 2019.  We have been writing these workshops based on our main aim to promote women’s rights and choices in childbirth.

Our new workshops are:

  • Positive Birth Antenatal Workshop
  • Positive Infant Feeding Workshop
  • Positive Parenting workshop

We believe all women have the right to positive experiences.

To book onto one of the workshops visit Eventbrite  and look up Antenatal Class Solihull – Positive Birth. This will then bring up and coming classes for you to select.

If you cant find what you are looking for please email us

pbb group                           January 2019 Meet up at Netherbrook Birth Centre – Solihull

Positive Birth Discussion Groups.

These meet ups are at different locations. The meet up is very informal and is for any mum planning, expecting or has had her baby.  In this group we will have a topic of discussion, however the most important thing is that you get an opportunity to discuss what you want to talk about.  The group facilitator will not give medical or clinical advice.  However we can support you in exploring a range of things such as;

  • Your options
  • How you feel
  • We can give you information
  • We can signpost you for other support
  • We aim to empower you
  • Give you confidence
  • Help address your fears or anxieties for birth

Our groups are currently run in Solihull and Birmingham.

The groups are very informal.  All women who attend will also receive a welcome pack. More information about our group events can also be found on our Facebook page

Pregnancy One to one Support

This is currently offered only in Solihull.  This support is on a one to one basis either in the community or in your own home.  This support is offered to you and is tailored individually to meet your needs.  If you are pregnant this service is available to you.  The service is ideal for any woman who is experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety in her pregnancy and she could benefit from some additional support to prepare for birth.  We want to help support women to have a positive birth experience and this means supporting them in their own homes.

If you think this support is for you, then you can refer yourself or you can discuss the service with your midwife and they can refer you.  All you need to do is contact us via email or phone 07842 024480 to let us know you would like some support.

New Services coming in 2019

Infant Feeding Workshop – Various locations – More information to follow

This two hour workshop will aim to support women to make informed decisions about how they wish to feed their baby.  The workshop is informal and aims to promote Breastfeeding by giving you support and information to feel confident about beginning your Breastfeeding journey.  We also aim to give information on Safe formula feeding for parents so they can feel confident when making up formula feeds.

Baby Massage – North Solihull

We will be running a Baby Massage pilot project in Spring 2019.  The benefits of attending a baby massage class are:

  • Interacting with your baby
  • Bonding and nurturing with your baby
  • Building your confidence within communicating with your baby
  • Opportunity to communicate with other local mums.

If you would like to be considered for a place please do contact us.

The criteria is: Your baby must be at least 8 weeks old and no more than 6 months old, and you must live in an area of North Solihull.  You might be asked for £10 deposit to secure your place (this will be returned to you on the last session).

Data Protection

We value your personal information and we make every effort to keep it safe. We will never pass your personal information onto anyone else without your consent. Depending on what service you access this will be discussed with you in more detail.

Positive Birthing and Beyond is a charity that works to support women through their pregnancy. We believe that every individual who accesses our services should be treated with dignity and respect, have their choice respected and not be forced to do anything against their will. Positive Birthing and Beyond is committed to safeguarding all vulnerable adults and children coming into contact with the charity, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs.