Services we currently offer


Positive Birth Antenatal Workshops

The workshops we offer are a little different to standard antenatal workshops.  We have written these workshops based on our main aim to promote women’s rights and choices in childbirth.  The workshops are also helpful for your partner to attend as the content covered is also about giving them the information to support you.  All our workshops are currently free of charge to attend as this is funded by the National Lottery.

Our new workshops are:

  • Positive Birth Antenatal Workshop – Groups
  • Positive Infant Feeding Workshop – Currently available one to one
  • Positive Parenting workshop – coming later in 2019.

We believe all women have the right to positive experiences.

To book onto one of the workshops visit Eventbrite  and look up Positive Birth Antenatal Class. This will then bring up and coming classes for you to select.

If you cant find what you are looking for please email us

pbb group                           January 2019 Meet up at Netherbrook Birth Centre – Solihull


Positive Birth Discussion

The meet up is very informal and is for any mum planning, expecting or has had her baby.  Women will more often than not be told they can or cant do something, so we want to make sure our classes and groups allow enough time for you to talk, the most important thing is that you get an opportunity to discuss what you want to talk about.  The group facilitator will not give medical or clinical advice.  However we can support you in exploring a range of things such as;

  • Your options
  • How you feel
  • We can give you information
  • We can signpost you for other support
  • We aim to empower you
  • Give you confidence
  • Help address your fears or anxieties for birth

The groups are very informal.  More information about our group events can also be found on our Facebook page

These groups will be online from April 2021.

Pregnancy One to one Support

This is currently offered only in Solihull.  This support is on a one to one basis either in the community or in your own home.  This support is offered to you and is tailored individually to meet your needs.  If you are pregnant this service is available to you.  The service is ideal for any woman who is experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety in her pregnancy and she could benefit from some additional support to prepare for birth.  We want to help support women to have a positive birth experience and this means supporting them in their own homes.

We do not take over and tell you what to do, we help you explore your options and support you in the decisions you want to make, this is important for women who are feeling pressured to make a decision or for those who feel like they have no choice. We do not give clinical or medical advice.  Our aim is to give you more time to explore and prepare for the arrival of your baby.  Some women might like so help communicating with their maternity health care team, although we cant do this for you, we can give you the support to do it. This support is their for your partner too.  Talking through your anxieties and exploring ways to cope can be really helpful for some women.

If you think this support is for you, then you can refer yourself or you can discuss the service with your midwife and they can refer you.  All you need to do is contact us via email or phone 07842 024480 to let us know you would like some support.

We are currently only able to offer support via email or phone.

Online Support Group

With the hustle and bustle of daily life some women might find it difficult to come to a class or even find that one to one support is too much for them.  We offer a online support group via Facebook.  This is a support group for expecting parents, not health professionals.  You can private message us or you can ask other parents in the group woman-3083377_1280questions on the main page. We do not give one sided information in the group the aim is to give expecting parents a wide range of evidenced based information so that you can make an informed choice about may different topics relating to pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting.

If you want to join our online support group you can do so HERE.

New Services coming in 2021

Infant Feeding Workshop – Online  – More information to follow

This two hour workshop will aim to support women to make informed decisions about how they wish to feed their baby.  The workshop is informal and aims to promote Breastfeeding by giving you support and information to feel confident about beginning your Breastfeeding journey.  We also aim to give information on Safe formula feeding for parents so they can feel confident when making up formula feeds.  We can currently offer this service one to one – so if you would like some support talking through all your options please do contact us

Walk and Talk

New groups starting February are in Ladywood at Summerfield park and in Stechford on the Kingfisher Trail – check back here for dates for the end of February 2021.

Baby Massage – North Solihull

We have now completed our baby massage pilot with great success and will be running a Baby Massage Course from August 2019 in North Solihull.  The benefits of attending a baby massage class are:

  • Interacting with your baby
  • Bonding and nurturing with your baby
  • Building your confidence within communicating with your baby
  • Opportunity to communicate with other local mums.

It is important to us that all parents and their babies have access to holistic services like baby massage as this has massive benefits for both the parent and baby.

If you would like to book a place please do contact us.  The course cost is £10. All resources are covered, all you need to do is turn up with baby.  There are limited places available on each course. Email Us

We are currently looking at moving these classes online for 2021.